Best from the Stands” is the serie which shows you monthly all the finest moments happened in the global ultras scene. Ultrasbible believes that being an ultras is an art, and on art we decided to lean on for our project. With the partnership of the young illustrator Giuseppe Bonardi, we analyze one of his new artwork containing all of the best shots of last month, in our own style!

As winter is already knocking on the door our third episode of Best from the Stands gets invaded with northern Europe, which steals the show with the Dutch and Swedish fanscenes committed to keep themselves warm on the stands. Our concept Keep An Eye On ‘Em shows us each weeken how Sweden has a lot to offer during this time of the year, with their league already coming to an end as they use a different schedule to avoid the colder months. Many big and crucial matches are for sure a good chance to get more visibility, and their ultras definitly haven’t lost their chance to shine. Holland follows right behind with many fanbases in particularly fizzy moment. The Southern part of Europe is still proudly represented by a traditional big dimensions choreo, as France sees Marseille shining for the loss of a Boss. Did anything already catch your eye from Beppe’s illustration down here? Let’s get into our choices for Best from the Stands – October! 

AIK vs DJURGARDEN, 03-10-2021, Friends Arena – LET’S PROTECT OUR FUTURE

Very early into last month and we already get what we feel could be the cover of our best moments’ choices.
Rightly so became popular on social medias and themed pages, this AIK choreo depicts a young fan proudly holding his scarf, and what hits the most is the absolute similarity between the picture and the ultras’ artwork. During the last few seasons we’ve already seen Italian ultras leaning on different artists (mainly tattoo artists) in order to make better and brighter choreos, an idea which worked pretty good for wide stadiums such as San Siro or Stadio Olimpico. AIK’s Friends Arena is a completely different concept of stadium and a vertical banner such the one used for this one works just as fine. With that checked, all the rest of the work was focused on making it look as real as possible; for Swedes? Easy as pie, apparently. And Beppe is definitly not far behind!
The meaning behind it closes the circle and allows this choreo into a very short selection of finests; right below the main banner, a sentence to frame it all: “Sla vakt om var framtid” – “Guard our future“, convincing enough.

HAMMARBY vs AIK (W), 10-10-2021, Tele2 Arena – 20k attendance at a Damallsveskan game, new record

Just a few days later and here comes AIK’s city rivals of Hammarby winning the weekend with a real European record of 19.000 fans attending a women’s association football match. Last decade has been very important for woman’s football, which saw a general development of the system even in countries which were still out of the map on this topic. Despite not being a proper choreo, this action from Hammarby fans gives us the same vibes as AIK’s previous one; earlier we saw the new youth being praised and protected, while the Bajen have found the perfect way to attract the attention on women’s football just by being there, supporting, sining and jumping as usual. Plus, the aftermaths interest towards the match and the athmosphere there, does nothing but confirm that football without fans is nothing, so well done Swedes fellows!


N.E.C. NIJMEGEN vs VITESSE, 17-10-2021, Stadion do Goffert – CAN’T HOLD US

This is the short story of how Vitesse fans can now go around telling they litterally shoot down their rival’s stadium. And that’s what a packed full away sector in one of the biggest rivarlies in Holland can do, after getting a win in your derby. A collective celebration between players and fans got a bit too bouncy for a stand in Stadion do Goffert, and the structure didn’t hold up to the weight. Luckily nobody got hurt in the process, and what we really dig is how some fans kept on jumping and shouting even after the fall!


When one of the biggest and most influent fanbases around refers to you as “le Boss“, you can tell you left a mark there. That’s how people from Marseille call Bernard Tapie, who brought them to the top during his chairmanship at the turn of the 80s and the 90s. The former politician, businessman, investor in sports and most importantly in this case, former president of Olympique Marseille, died on the 3rd of October, and his fanbase built up a massive choreo able to cover a whole side of the Velodrome in less than two weeks in order to celebrate him. His not-so-clean criminal records and judicial past leave a doubt on the legitimacy of such a choreo, but the grandeur of this show just couldn’t take second place for us. You can make your own opinion on this topic here or through many others information channels; in the meantime though this controversial Parisien socialist-politician who made his way towards the high floors in such a particular city as Marseille, got his face depicted right into an historical stadium, alongside few other big personalities in other stadiums around the world.

FEYENOORD European nights (vs Slavia Prague, Union Berlin), 30-09 – 21-10-2021, de Kuip – THE MASK SAGA

Last but not least important spot of our October choices goes to Feyenoord, giving a style to their European campaign leaning on the famous ’90s film which sees Jim Carrey as protagonist, The Mask. Both Slavia Prague and Union Berlin have been welcomed in a new athmosphere in de Kuip, with the fans creating two wide choreos covering their whole stands, with clear references to the cult movie, full of catch phrases which fit very well in such works. Feyenoord still has to play one Conference League‘s group stage game at home in mid december against Maccabi Haifa, and with the qualification to the next round already secured, we look forward to at least two more themed choreo in Rotterdam, for another chance to be in our Best from the Stands!