Our trip on this day went to the capital of Belgium, Brussels. A city well known because of its famous specialties like chocolate, waffles and the most important one, some pretty good beers. But off course all of these things are not the reason for our visit (except the beers).
The city Brussel counts 3 football clubs in the 3 highest national leagues.
The biggest and most famous club from the city is RSC Anderlecht, who are playing in the highest division for 84 years in a row. The club on the second level comes from the district “Saint Gilloise” and therefore carries the name Union St. Gilloise. And then we have the third club and directly our destination for this Ultras Bible on tour : RWD Molenbeek!

RWDM History

The club was founded in 1973 after a fusion between Racing white and Daring Club de Bruxelles. Their absolute top times were directly after the fusion, with a 3rd place in their first season and the title in 1975 as their highlights!
After some years with successes (including some uefacup II matches) the club went down and down.. which resulted in a bankruptcy in 2002.

In 2003 a new club was founded called Racing Whitestar Daring Molenbeek. After a few rumouring years the club changed their name in 2010 to Racing White Daring Molenbeek 2003. After four more years of playing in the lowest provincial league the club again failed and were declared bankrupt again.

In 2015 the club re-astablished again as Racing White Daring Molenbeek. This was the start of a better period. The first season they ended on 9th place in the next 2 seasons they managed to win the league title twice wich resulted that they are currently playing in the 3th Belgium League.

Ultras Brussels Power 2005

Everything started during the end of the 2004-2005 season. Some fanatic supporters wanted to enhance the atmosphere in the Edmond Machtens Stadium. Initially based on a few atmospheric actions and drums that set the mood in Block A. Soon everything became very concrete and BP05 was formed.


We asked a few questions to one of the members of UB95; 

How many members does the group contain?
“We started in 2005 with +\- 10 members. Nowaydays the group contains 55 members”

Do you have any friendships?
“SCO angers (ligue 1 France) +\- 1990”
“Helmond ( 2nd division holland) 3/4 years ago”

Worst memory?
Our club was dead in 2015 … an other club played in our stadium : white star brussels .. but we Didn’t follow them.. so our group was sleeping during one year … we back in 2016 in 5th division …. so the group was Alive Again after 1 year

Best memory(s)?
the comeback of RWDM in 2016 ….
the title last year in Charleroi (Olympic)
We were +\- 1700fans in an away game, best atmosphère of my life … for a 4th division team its amazing .. now we are in 3rd ! 😉

Check out this video of their trip to Olympic Charleroi here

Biggest rivalry?
BP05 us not defined by its rivals. Last years, RFC liege matches have created the most tensions. Bruxelles and liège is one of the biggest rivalry in belgian football. This year we were not allowed to go in liege because we riots during home match. Last year they attacked our buses and throwed stones. Union Saint-Gilloise is another rival, located in Brussels team. However, we don’t play in the same division. Anderlecht used to be the biggest rival of RWDM in the 80s but nowadays there is mutual respect.

What do you think of the Supporters Discrimination in football?
We think Belgium is not the worst country for the supporters although the repression is worsening. Climbing up the divisions, we faced first problems with the cops but it not similar to other countries. We have more problems with traveling to visit our friends in Angers.
We are convinced that a constructive debate between the Belgium football executives could lead to a better way of respecting our football culture. Repression and stadium bans will never stop our way of life. Solutions are easy: split stands for ultras and stands for families. We should have a zones where its possible to make pyro and tifos in each stadium… If someone joins, he knows what to expect and that the party will be intense!


This evening, RWDM played a homematch against Lierse Kempenzonen. The ultras had announced a boycott for tonights match. During the first 15 minutes of the game, a part of the grandstand will remain empty to send a message to the group of players who have shown too little commitment during the last matches according to the ultras.

After 15 minutes, the ultras came up in the stand with a lot of noise and pyro was ignited and the singing was started. Singing that would last until the finalwhistle.

Brussels Power ensured a good atmosphere in the stands with the necessary pyro throughout the match, which also spread to the field. It seemed that the players had received the boycott’s message.

Despite the efforts of the players and supporters in the stands, RWDM did not get further than a 1-1 draw. After the game, the players expressed their gratitude to the supporters for the effort in the stands on which the players group was also thanked by the supporters!

The supporters of Lierse Kempenzonen came to Brussels in large numbers this evening to support their team in this match. Also the necessary pyro in the away end!

Overall we had a great time visiting RWDM and we want to thank UB95 for their hospitality. 



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