For this episode of UB on Tour  we’re in Krakow for the “Holy War” between Wisla and Cravovia. With high expectations we travel to Poland.

We arrive in Krakow on Friday afternoon, after we checked in to the hotel we headed to the Main Square of Krakow. While enjoying a couple of beers we check out some videos of previous clashes between Wisla and Cracovia, so we know what we can expect. Cause of the good-tasting beers and our plans to go to Auschwitz then next morning we kept it easy for the night.

The next morning we got out early to have a look at the Kościuszko Mound, a hill in Krakow where you have a great view over the city and you can even see  the stadiums of Wisla and Cracovia.

When you visit Krakow, you’re just 60km away from Auschwitz, everyone knows what happend here but to actually experience it is a “must” for everyone. It is fierce, impressive and it gives a big impact, but to get a good idea of the awful things that happend here, you really have to see it by yourself.

Saturday night we were able to experience the nightlife of Krakow. After 1:00 AM you will be approached after every 20 meters to come in to a strip club for free shots and beer. Many of these strip clubs are a big scam, as we did not know wich clubs were legit we did not took the risk. We spend our night in a few bars and had a very pleasant evening. Before we knew it was 6.00 AM so it was time to go to bed to get some rest for the big day.


Finaly the time has come, the “Holy War”. Unfortunately without away fans, because during the derby in March, the Cracovia fans demolished Wisla’s stadium by breaking down toilet pots and sinks. This resulted in a ban for 2 matches for the Cracovia fans during the derby at Wisla. For us this was a minor downside but after a good schnitzel and some beers, we were really looking forward to the derby.

The supporters of Wisla did not disappointed. An incredible noise came down the stands. We had secured a spot among the Wisla ultras and that was noticeable. We were kindly ask to don’t make any video’s or pictures. At the start of the match a beautiful choreo was displayed by the ultras, what was also the highlight of the entire first half. It was a true battle on the pitch, although Wisla dominated the match, it could not be expressed in the score.

At the start of the second half a banner rolled down the stand. After the banner appeared, it was time for the ultras to change. Shoes were taken off, pants and sweaters were changed, the pyros came out of the backpack and the balaclava’s went on! Time for an insane pyroshow! While we were still recovering from the show, the next one appeared the stand was totally covered with smoke in the colors of Wisla Krakow! After this the ultras rapidly changed their clothes again. 20 minutes of the second half were played.

After a silly fold by Wisla defenders, Cracovia scored the 0-1. Lighters and other objects were thrown towards the Cracovia players. But the ultras recovered fast and remaind behind their team by making a lot of noise, but it was not enough. The Holy War ended in 0-1. What an experience, an intense atmosphere and a great tensed derby. Even without away fans, our expectations were exceeded!

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