Today we’re going to talk about a strong brotherhood that links three of the most important ultras movements in Southern Italy: Bari (Apulia), Salernitana (Campania) and Reggina (Calabria).

In the beginning there was a strong friendship between UCN Bari and GSF Salerno, born following some letters exchange. The really first match of this bond was Bari-Salernitana, played on September 25 1983 in the old Della Vittoria Stadium. In the Curva Nord ultras from both sides stood together sealing officially this connection. Since then, groups from both sides often attend friends’ matches when possible and every fixture between these two old teams is always a great moment of celebration and friendship, honoring this long lasting twinning.

Choreo to celebrate the brotherhood between Bari and Salernitana.

Before 1986 there were usually hard fights when Salernitana and Reggina faced each other, but since 1986-87 season a strong relationship was finally born and Ultras supporting these teams started getting along, with a choreo the following year in old Vestuti stadium in Salerno celebrating this new fellowship.

“Reggio deserves it!” Banner held by Salernitana ultras ahead of a match between Salernitana and Reggina.

Due to this mutual friendship, also Bari UCN created an important bond with Boys Reggio in 1988: an historical triad was born, with three of the most relevant curves in Italy. Every match that sees two of these teams facing each other is always prepared to be a day to remember, with huge choreos and pyroshows, banners celebrating history of this bond and the ones that created it, pre- and post-match moments for being together as brothers.

Choreo to celebrate the brotherhood between Reggina and Bari.

Wheter you are in Arechi, San Nicola or Granillo stadium, it’s not unusual to see flags or scarves from the other two teams even if they are not playing, you can hear chants praising this brotherhood, you will always be welcomed by your ultras mates. In August 2019 they faced in a friendly tournament to honor 100 years from Salernitana foundation, when Bari won the trophy.

Bari, Salernitana and Reggina ultras onstage during 2018 Seguaci della nord Bari anniversary celebration.

These teams in recent past haven’t faced great fortunes, they all faced bankruptcy and had to restart from the fourth tier of Italian football. Nevertheless, ultras groups were always by their side and their friends always helped to come back stronger and stood close in their moments of need, even when it wasn’t about football but more important problems: lots of charity initiatives were supported by these three curves. Three seaside cities, three football teams, one strong bond!

“Until death do us part, Reggio Bari e Salerno eternal love”

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