Ultras Dynamo

Dresden has always been a focal point in the whole German scenes, and Ultras Dynamo have roots since the late 70s/early 80s. This makes them one of the most ancient ultras group in Germany; nowadays they’re still one of the most active ones, which could easily be said just looking at some choreos or demonstrations during the last years, despite the fluctuating results from the club.

Traditionally, and for more than 20 years, the biggest groups in Dynamo world were all associated to right wing politics, but this trend has changed a bit in the last ten years. A new generation of ultras, which is now very influent on the stands and have a close connection to the club, brought the tifo far from the old politic views, and created a sort of apolitical support. This decision is now very widespread around many clubs in northern Europe, and it’s now a real thing also in the hottest stands of DDV Stadion, except some groups which still brings their ideologies on their flags and crests. A close relationship between Ultras Dynamo and Horde Zla, an historical base from FK Sarajevo could be the slogan of all this theme. Some years ago, with a strongly right wing views in Dresden world, a friendship like this wouldn’t have been possible.

Ultras Dynamo in Sarajevo

Horde Zla Sarajevo

Horde Zla was created in 1987, and always embraced liberal ideologies ever since, also because of the tradition of their club, which was founded by communist authorities as soon as the WW2 ended. In the last years in particular, the group welcomes to its stands various religions of supporters, Catholics, Protestants and Muslims; all mixed, in the capital one of the most divided country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Various nationalist movements in the Balkans always tried to bring Horde Zla down, but unity of purposes and large numbers in the group allowed them to become on of the most influent realities in Bosnia, and in the whole eastern Europe. The cohesion between all the different people inside Horde Zla movement, and more recently also in K-Block, also brought to some of the most violent fights in the recents years. In 2009, for instance, a Bosnian supporter died and 40 were injured in Siroki Brijeg clashes, still nowadays considered as the most violent fight in the history of Bosnian football.

The Brotherhood 

The friendship between these two massive fanbases started with the Germans travelling all across Europe to reach the Bosnians in some away matches. One occasion stands between the others, with FK Sarajevo away in Banja Luka. Seven German ultras traveled all the way just to support their friends from Horde Zla, and drove back home at night, with one van, with more than 30 hours behind the steering wheel. The Bosnian travel to Banja Luka, but it’s very difficult from Sarajevo. They were impressed with such a big dedication from the German towards their world. The brotherhood would be signed few months later in 2010. As some exponents of Horde Zla managed to enter Germany without a political visa, just for the special occasion. All the boys from Dresden loved their venture. They booked hotel rooms for everyone, with typical German organisation. The Bosnians were also invited to walk in front of their corteo the day after, towards a 2.Bundesliga match with Dynamo as host. Ever since, this brotherhood has been one of the most influent and solid in the whole European scene.

Horde Zla in Germany for the 10th anniversary of their friendship.

Ultras Dynamo on away match with Horde Zla in Bosnia for their 10th anniversary.

Friendship forever

The mixture between many different cultures will be a very good glue for the near future, and this very recent Covid-19 pandemic showed it once again. Few days ago in fact, Ultras Dresden provided food and essential products to more than 15 Bosnian families, as Germany managed to face better the virus, with a better economical and health organisation. A gesture that stands to renew a decennial friendship between Ultras Dynamo and Horde Zla.

Horde Zla with help of Ultras Dynamo organize help for 14 families in need due the Covid 19 crisis.

Variety of cultures, religions, influences and knowledge’s from the ultras from Sarajevo will be added to a great organisation. This organisation is from the new generation of Ultras Dynamo. With these elements the bond between them can only be a success for the near and far future!

Ultras Dynamo on away match with Horde Zla in Bosnia for the 10th anniversary.

Ultras Dynamo on away match with Horde Zla.